Upgrade to PunyPNG Pro

Why do I need PunyPNG Pro?

PunyPNG Pro was developed with the serious designer and developer in mind. Though broadband has made content delivery much faster, current day applications have leveraged that bandwidth by becoming more graphically complex and interactive. Optimizing your assets for mobile apps/sites remains a necessity. Google even recently tied your search rank to site speed! PunyPNG Pro delivered the pro-level features you need to make the most of your graphical assets.

What are the Pro features?

Extreme Compression

PunyPNG Pro offers a higher level of compression for all your assets. Our internal benchmarking tests yielded another 5 to 15% of savings in file size. We have also upgraded our backend systems to offer increase of performance to handle these new intensive computations. Though results will vary depending on your images, using PunyPNG Pro is the web's only one-stop destination for optimizing any web image format at the highest compression

Lossy PNG Support

PunyPNG Pro gives you the ability to optimize your 24-bit transparent PNGs with a enhanced 8-bit indexed palette, while preserving full transparency. Also known as "quantization", this special processing can yield up to 70% more savings, though at the cost of "lossiness" in the form of dithering and color reduction. In comparison, PunyPNG's lossy PNGs are far smaller than a typical PNG, and depending on the image, differences are barely visible.

PunyPNG has always been about doing everything in one-step, regardless of image format. When you optimize your images, we provide both a lossless 24-bit PNG as well as an 8-bit lossy PNG for you to download and compare. This enhanced lossy PNG format is generally smaller than anything you can produce from command-line tools like pngquant or pngnq. Lossy PNG support is also supported in the PunyPNG API (Pro users only)

Higher Quotas

PunyPNG Pro support up to 50 files in a single upload, at 500KB each. That is almost 25MB of data! This higher quota allows you to upload whole asset folders for optimization. You can also upload high resolution JPEG images (up to 500KB) as well. PunyPNG's algorithms evaluate JPEGs to determine if a PNG format offers you beneficial savings.